~ CSL Edmonton Metro hosts the 7th Annual Canadian New Thought Conference

New Thought Canada

Join Us at the
7th Annual Canadian New Thought Conference

Across Canada there is an abundance of amazing talent in all fields, including New Thought. This is why we have created New Thought Canada to provide Canadians with resources that will insure that all forms of New Thought will thrive and prosper throughout our provinces. . ....................................... read more

Network across Canada

Work together to insure that New Thoguht flourishes in all its forms.

New Thought, by definition must be inclusive and evolving. It is not possible for New Thought to be a static form. If we were to give New Thought an absolute definition or to stop exploring the unlimited potential of the mind and body, it would not longer be New Thought. It would then be called "old thought" more

Hello, my name is Rev. Tim Peterson
My Vision is
A Canadian Network
Working together, insuring success
Resources that support all of us more

Science of Mind
Unity of Edmonton
One Spirit Ministries

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